Well, What a summer its been!

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Well I can truly say that this has been an eventful season for the Forest Keepers. There has been no shortage of tree and plant health care challenges here on Cape Cod through out this past Spring and Summer. Strange weather; new and unprecedented insect problems; increased occurrences of many tree diseases.

And to top it all off  here at the Forest Keepers Tree Care we had some pretty significant technical difficulties that resulted  in us having to completely rebuild our web site. In the process we lost all of our older posts! AAAHHHH!

Okay, I think I’ve almost got it now!

Don’t forget, we’re tree experts, not website experts. So you might ask, why don’t you just hire somebody to take care of this for you? Good question. My guess is that in many ways, “tree guys” are about as stubborn a bunch of Do It Yourself die-hards as you can find anywhere. I’ve noticed this in many ways over the years of my involvement in Arborculture.

Oh well!  Hopefully we can figure out how to restore our old files to this new site, but either way we’re glad to be back.

Here’s to new beginnings!



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    Well it seems like I might be able to retrieve my posts from the SQL database but I might have lost all of my media within those posts!
    Taking care of trees is so much easier than all of this stuff 🙁

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