tree climbing, tree removal

If a tree becomes unsafe or undesirable in your yard, our trained, experienced Arborists will safely and efficiently remove it. Dead or dying trees can often become a breeding ground for harmful insects and diseases, so it is advisable to remove any such trees from your landscape.

The Forest Keepers are dedicated to safety and are fully licensed and insured for your protection. We strive to implement the safest industry standards when it comes to tree removals and we take pride in providing you with fast and safe service.

~ Crane service is also available through the Forest Keepers.~

Crane assisted tree removal


Our dedication to maintaining an injury free environment is a vital part of the way we work. At Forest Keepers we focus on the work practices and training that our men need to keep them up to date and equipped to work as an efficient and safe team. Our commitment results in peace of mind for us, as well as for you, our client.

Whether it’s residential, commercial or municipal, Forest Keepers  have  the experience, tools,  and expertise to help you on your next tree removal project.


Tree removal with Bobcat