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Well, like I said in the last post, we want to present here some of the new friends that we made at New England Grows this year!

Kevin with Organic Plant Magic has created a new soil amendment that  I wanted to let you know about.

We all know how important soil health is when it comes to plant health. You cannot have one without the other.

Organic Plant Magic is all purpose organic plant food containing every plant essential element plus over 70 beneficial trace minerals. It’s also alive with beneficial micro-organisms.

Soil fertility is more than simply N-P-K. In fact a good soil already has all of the nutrients that a plant needs right there. What the soil (and the plant) really needs is all of the little microbs that actually digest the nutrients in the soil and make them available for the roots of the plant.

Did you know that in a single square inch of healthy, forest, topsoil there are over one billion living organisms? The soil food web is a fascinating thing to learn about. All of us should know about the amazing, micro- universe that is in our gardens and keeping our trees alive and healthy.

If you care about your soil; if you care about our water supply; if you care about the overall health of nature ( and I imagine if you are reading this blog that you do) then it is really in all of our best interest to learn about organic gardening and organic landscaping and tree care. The overuse and misuse of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers is having a negative impact on our environment and the current practices of land care must begin to take a turn for the well being of the next generation.

So I am really excited to see a product like this one being produced right here in Massachusetts.  This new organic product is being carried by many retailers on the east coast,  but for us Cape Cod gardeners the best place to find Organic Plant Magic is at Hyannis Country Garden.

Check out these   potatoes and you will see why I am excited about trying this stuff out this year.

This Spring I will be trying out this stuff out and I will share with you the results that I get!

Until next time, thanks!


  1. Fantastic. Thank you so much for your time and consideration of Organic Plant Magic … I look forward to getting together with yall this Spring in Hyannis and doing some tree root invigoration! ~ Kevin

  2. Author

    Sounds good Kevin! We are looking forward to this Spring as well.
    Soil biology, native plant species, biodiversity; all these things need to fit together and it seems that making local connections is all part of that balance as well.
    TO LIFE!

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