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Last week we attended New England Grows in Boston! What a great time!

This is a trade show that showcases all of the green industries together in one place. From Nurserymen to Tree services, and from landscapers to gardeners and farmers; everyone is represented here. over the next few weeks we will be presenting here on Tree Care Tips, some of the folks we met and some of the products and ideas that you might find interesting, and perhaps even useful.

We made so many new friends and made so many quality contacts this year. It was truly a great a great experience.

One of the main themes that we seemed to keep coming across this year was adopting a more ecological approach to land care. More and more people are stating to realize that our current practices are not sustainable and must change.

For example; I just read this in the latest issue of the MA Tree Wardens’ and Foresters” Association news letter, “After more than 150 years of natural regrowth, forest cover is declining across all six New England states, threatening the region’s landscape.”

Deforestation, invasive insects and plants, declining bird populations, accumulated toxins in our local ecosystems; there are many causes to sound the alarm. We need to take a new approach.

Forest Keepers Tree Care has always tried to do tree work in a manner that shows respect to the local environments that we live within, and this year at NE Grows that point seemed to take root in our thinking a little bit more.

We are looking forward to another season of tree service on Cape Cod and are encouraged to search for ways to do what we do in an even more balanced way. Our motto for years has been ” keeping the Forest Human Friendly”, but the message we want to help spread as well is ” Keeping the Humans Forest  Friendly”.Forest trees by river


  1. Those pictures are beautiful, and I love the sentiment at the end about keeping forests human friendly, but making sure we also keep ourselves forest friendly. Yes!

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