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Memories of Love and of Trees

In Tree Poetry, You Can Grow That by Forest Keeper14 Comments

How often have you seen it?  Two sets of initials, and  a heart, carved into a tree. Universal… Just the sight of it brings to mind so many memories; both your own and the unknown memories of the one that left that  timeless inscription. Who were those two faceless lovebirds? Did they ever come back to this place to visit …

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Strong Root Systems- “You Can Grow That”

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Okay, So here’s the bottom line. Do you want the trees that you’ve planted to be healthy and live a long, fruitful life?  Then you need to be thinking about the parts of the tree that, for the most part, go unnoticed. THE ROOTS!  Healthy roots= healthy trees. Now we could get in to the biology and physiology of trees …

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Quality Nursery Stock- You Can Grow That, Nov.

In Fall, Gardening, Tree Planting, You Can Grow That by Forest Keeper11 Comments

The temperatures are dropping in most climate zones  and our outdoor growing season is coming to an end ( sort of).  But did you know that November is  a great time to plant new trees in your landscape.  There are many factors from a plant health perspective that make November a good planting time. Perhaps you have already discovered another …