What a Busy Spring- been gone for awhile

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Well, this has been quite a Spring so far. Spring is usually busy for us around here, as I’m sure it is for most of you, with everything happening all at once. This spring however has hit us with more force than we’ve seen in awhile.

Between the usual tree work comes, planting, mulching, pruning, fertilizing, then the bugs start coming out, lawns growing….AHHH it’s all happening so fast!!!

Mind you, this is a good thing. We love being out in the trees and gardens, it just sends us spinning sometimes when it all comes on at once.

And then in the midst of all of this, my 2 year old son, Ben got pretty sick and was then diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. WOW! Into the Boston Children’s Hospital we went. Right in the middle of spring unfolding fast, all of my plans had to come to a grinding halt as my wife and I started learning to care for our son’s new condition.

Man makes his plans but God directs his steps was an old proverb that was on my mind quite a bit.

Here's Ben at the Children's Hospital laying in bed, Poor guy got poked to many times.

Ben is home now and he is doing really well. He is adapting to life as a diabetic surprisingly well though he would rather not have to get poked in the finger all of the time to have his blood checked. But hey, it’s worth it to get that food at meal time, right?;  seems to be his out look on it so far.


Ben, back at home checking out all of his new stuff in his blood testing kit.

So it’s back to the tree work, and there is still time to catch up on all of spring’s demands that got put on hold, but I am really quite thankful that my son is doing good. He’s right outside playing ball with his sister as I write this.

Sometimes we just have to put everything else off and tend to what is most important in life. On that note, as soon as I am done writing, I think I’ll go join the ball game outside.

Sorry to all my readers who I’ve left hanging for awhile, and I hope your still around.

Glad to be back home and settling back into life.


  1. I’m glad to know he is doing well… what a scare and what an ordeal for any parent. Happy spring, now that everyone is ok and back at home.

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