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Well, this seems like a fun thing. Luarie from My Weeds Are Very Sorry nominated us for the “Stylish Blogger Award”.

Thanks Luarie!

So, as part of this award I need to mention 7 things about my self. Okay, well let’s see what I can come up with

1)I have 4 Children who I love with all of my heart.

My Daughter Renenah just turned 13

My son Elijah is now 11

My boy Zera is 6

And my cute little Ben is 2

2) I’ve been married to my wife Jenna for 13 years

3)I’ve been climbing trees since I was a little boy but I’ve been doing it professionally for about 11 years.

4) I also help run a great little restaurant on Main st in Hyannis called the Common Ground Cafe.

5) I am a co-owner of a 120 ft tall  barquentine  . HUH? No really, she’s called the Peace Maker.

6) I currently live in a community of about 50 of the nicest folks on earth. Our place here in Hyannis is just one of many of the Twelve Tribes communities around the globe. (hence the tall ship; ahh I get it now)

7) I went to school to learn pottery and oil painting, and some how ended up doing tree work (which I’m not complaining about in any way) and I haven’t touched a potters wheel in years but I really love it and I sure would like to do some pottery again and maybe even teach it to my children or even some of the other children in our community because pottery would be a great thing for the children to learn but I’m so busy and…… sorry, I’m carrying on aren’t I?

Well I did it, I got through the list. Hope I didn’t lose you.

15 Stylish Bloggers:

And now here are some folks that I would like to nominate for the most prestigious “Stylish Blogger Award”. If you are listed below, break rank for a moment and have some fun with this one. You can link back to my blog, post seven things about yourself and your own 15 nominations for stylish bloggers.

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( yeah I know, that last one is a bit out of step with the list but I follow it pretty faithfully and I love their style. The whole site is pretty nice)

So there you have it! This has been fun.


    1. Author

      Yeah they are great! And yes, it has been a fascinating trip through life so far, and we’re just gettin’ going in a lot of ways. We’ll see what else may come.
      Bye the way, I’m really enjoying following your blog. Can’t wait or spring to see how thing are going in your garden.

    1. Author

      Leah, Thanks! I’ve been wondering the same thing.
      To me it seems like a fun and creative way of sharing links with other bloggers and web sites that you like. The nomination is the vote in a certain way.

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