Removing a Damaged Pine at the Game Farm

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The Old Game Farm in East Sandwich right on RT6A is such a beautiful place, as any of you who have visited may well know.

Owned by the Thornton Burgess Society, the Game Farm is the location of many educational, children’s programs through out the year.

So as you can imagine, when a large White Pine lost one of it’s main stems and was threatening to fall on one of the buildings used by the children and staff, this did not pose a pleasant  situation.

This week Forest Keepers had to the privilege to help out the fine folks at the Game Farm.  We were called in to address this dangerous situation by a very amiable fellow by the name of Ed Houlihan.

The removal went well and the time spent with Ed was well worth the trip. It’s always such a treat to learn a piece of history of the place you live from a soul who seems to bring the past to life with his own stories and remembrances .

We were quite pleased to help these folks out and remove the damaged tree. The tree couldn’t just be dropped. It had to be carefully climbed and pieced down.

tree to be removed

The offending White Pine

damaged tree

inspecting extent of decay to determine if the climb is safe

tree removal in progress

at the top of the tree

removing tree limbs

removing tree limbs

tree removal in progress 2
cutting tree down

tree is coming down


  1. I’ve always admired good tree skills and wished that I had not the acrophobia and klutziness which together suggest extreme tree climbing isn’t for me. But if I had heat vision like Superman(and also his strength to catch the falling bits), I’d do lots of tree work.

    I haven’t been to the Thorton Burgess house since I was a tourist on vacation years ago. Time to take a ride up-Cape this spring, I guess. I’m glad to have found your blog.

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