Helping to Keep Forest Wildlife Too!

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As many of you know, here at Forest Keepers Tree Care, we recycle  wood waste that is generated from our tree care operation. From cutting and splitting firewood and milling lumber to composting and recycling  our wood chips into a mulch product, nothing here goes to waste!

Well, just recently we have found another great use for some of our tree  materials . Wildlife habitat!We recently agreed with the Cape Cod Wildlife Center to donate  as much brush and old logs as we could to be made into temporary  wildlife habitat.

The Cape Wildlife Center promotes and protects the health and well-being of native wildlife and their habitats. One of the ways that they do this is by providing emergency care and wildlife rehabilitation. They are  open year-round to receive ailing, sick and orphaned wildlife in there veterinary clinic and newly-renovated animal recovery ward.

Some of the habitat pens that need natural materials for making the animals feel right at home.

Wanting to make as hospitable an environment as possible for the displaced animals that they receive through out the year, the Wild life Center needs quite a bit of tree material.

Dumping old tree material

Glad to help out we brought our first load of tree material to the center.

For years the Forest Keepers have had a motto “Keeping the Forest Human Friendly“, but are always looking for ways to keep the “humans forest friendly” as well. We greatly respect and appreciate all of the work that the Cape Cod Wildlife Center does toward preserving our local, natural habitats, and so we are more than happy to help them out in this way.

Fisher being rehabbed at the CCWC

The CCWC Rehabs many different species through out the year.


  1. This takes the idea of my big old brush pile to a whole new level. Essentially that is what the wildlife cages need — lots of logs and twigs and brush, and you certainly are a good source for it! I love the sweet look on that fox’s face.

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