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The Forest Keepers are fully equipped to care for your tree and landscape needs . We are ready to provide a full scope of  tree services to provide whatever  care your trees need.  Whether it is tree pruning or planting  project or a large scale tree removal that your are facing, no job is too difficult of  too small  for our team of  Eastham tree service professionals.

We  pride ourselves in the quality of our work. Our crews are thoroughly  trained to do safe work  that is  according to National Arborists Standards.

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Properly pruned trees  live longer and have a  more pleasing and natural appearance?
Trimming your tree’s canopy will encourage air circulation in order to reduce disease. A well pruned  tree canopy will also be less susceptible to wind damage as air will flow through with much less resistance. Trimming your trees also lets more sunlight reach the planting and landscape below.

Proper pruning of your trees will give you the following benefits:

  • Increased Safety
  • Improved Plant Health
  • Enhanced Appearance of Your Property
  • Prevention of Storm Damage

Tree Removal

Tree cutting on cape codIf you have trees on your property that need to be taken down and removed our team of Eastham tree removal experts can help you. We are determined to carry out  every tree cutting job as safe ans efficient as we can. We make every effort to do our work according to national Arborists Safety Standards.

There are several reasons that a tree may need to be removed.  Dead or dying trees should be removed for the safety of your property. Diseased trees should be removed so that they do not spread diseases to other trees nearby. Maybe you have trees that are growing too close to your home and are causing damage. Whatever the reason may be that you  need your tree cut down, contact Forest Keepers for a free consultation. We will help you to decide what your best tree removal options are.



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