Healthy soil = Healthy trees. Forest Keepers tree fertilizing and soil management program aims to create the healthiest soils for your trees.

tree fertilizing is important for urban and residential trees.

We all know that trees and shrubs grow better in forests and woodlands. Natural decomposition of leaves and abundant soil microorganisms provide all the natural components to make trees and shrubs thrive. One square inch of soil contains over two billion living micro organisms. Most often the soil that is in our yards does not resemble the soil found in the forest where trees were created to grow. It stands to reason that if you recreate the soil that your landscaped trees and shrubs are growing in, making it more like natural forest soils, your plants will benefit greatly.

     deep root fertilizing of trees with organic bio-fertilizers  will creat a strong root network    Here are just some of the services that our Tree and Shrub fertilizing program can offer to you:

  • Deep root feeding with organic fertilizers and specially formulated Bio-fertilizers will start to rebuild a healthy soil for your landscape.
  • Periodic soil tests help us to evaluate and customize management practices for your specific conditions
  • Mulching and aeration also help to strengthen the roots of your trees and shrubs, and increase plant health.